What the heck is a Bleacher Babe?

For starters, let me introduce myself. My name is Brianna Bigbee and I became one of the first western fashion influencers in 2015, alongside some other talented ladies. We have put western style back on the map and the industry is at an all time high! I’m from a small cotton farm town, in Town Creek, Alabama. My husband, Cole Bigbee, and I grew up together. Both of our families rodeo’d on the weekends. It’s funny looking back as Cole never would play with me because I was “mean.” I must’ve gotten sweeter with age. (wink). We have a one year old son, Payson Colter, that we welcomed into the world in 2018.

We spend our evenings during the week in a practice pen, and weekends hauling to ropings and rodeos. Bleacher Babe is a nickname I had given rodeo wives. We spend our lives dedicating our time together as a family on the road. Countless hours are spent in the stands filming runs. We are our a cowboy’s biggest support system. I felt like there was a need to shed light on these incredible ladies that willingly sacrifice date nights for arena lights. Our family vacations are spent endless miles on the road, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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