What the heck is a Bleacher Babe?

Alabama Native | Western Lifestyle Influencer

My name is Brianna Bigbee and I grew up in a small cotton town called Town Creek, Alabama. We literally had one red light. My father was a team roper, so every weekend I would load up with him and hit the road. Jackpots and rodeos were always such a treat. It was like a vacation every weekend and I loved traveling. While most kids never traveled outside of their county line, I was fortunate to explore the Southeast with my Daddy each weekend. Now I am sure you’re wondering, “what the heck is a bleacher babe’. I came up with this term years ago, when I was dating my now husband, Cole Bigbee. Cole and I grew up together in the arena. Like my father, Cole team ropes too. Although we didn’t like each other when we were younger, that all quickly changed when we grew up. Just like I normally did with my Dad, I would sit in the bleachers each weekend to cheer Cole on as he competed. Whether it was to video his  run, bring him food, refreshments, cool down his horse, I was there. A Bleacher Babe is a rodeo wife|Girlfriend|daughter|Mom. A cowboy’s ranch|right hand lady. We are there for emotional support or maybe to even hook the truck and trailer up. Rodeo will not only physically wear on you, but it can also mentally beat you as well. It’s a tradition that only few understand and it is extremely important to ladies, like myself, help our cowboys ease down the road in hopes to keep this American heritage alive.

When I started my blogging journey in 2015, my hopes were to provide an avenue to the women of rodeo who dedicate their lives in helping support others dreams. They are the real MVP’s behind the gold buckles. I also have a strong passion for all things Western. The lifestyle, fashion, food, home décor, and art all have been something I wanted to capture and bring back home to the Southeast. My husband and I still reside in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. As much as I  love the West, there’s still place like sweet home Alabama. (Roll Tide Roll)

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